Hustle and Flow

Man! Pimps and Ho’s never looked so, well, pimpish and ho’ish?
Beeoch better have my money!I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting old. The street life doesn’t have the same magical appeal that it once had for me. You know, like The Sopranos or Colors or Punky Brewster? Hustle and Flow shows the gritty side of street life. The story follows street pimp, D Jay, as he struggles to make more of his life through music. Although some of you wouldn’t call hip-hop music, I would and I will pimp slap you in front of your kids and say it to your face, beeeoooheeeoch! Hold on, sorry. I got a little hard core there. OK, I’m back. Forgive me. Don’t look for DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince here. There is no one getting jiggy with anything in this film. The vibe is strictly Dirty South Memphis Style Crunk Hip-Hop. Crunk is a word that black people started using a while back. It’s just about made it’s way into the white vernacular so expect it to die of over use by Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for a new cool word from the black community any day now. This film was well acted for sure. The language is a bit much for the general viewing audience. I didn’t hate this movie, but I didn’t love it either. Even if I did hate it, I wouldn’t type it out on my website as I would be afraid of getting pimp slapped myself. Now go get me my money, ho!