The 40 Year Old Virgin

Sex is overrated. It really is. It is also insane. Not that there's anything wrong with that.How can something be so personal, SO public and so utterly defining all at the same time? As a guy, from about 5th or 6th grade, sex is a curious little train stop about a quarter mile ahead and you are a Japanese Bullet Train with no brakes. Some of us fix those brakes, learn the beauty of the journey and wait for that one special stop. Some of us jerk the train right off the track and smash the hell out of every poor little train stop up the coast. But some never stop at all. They just keep cruising along. The longer they do, the more we marvel. “How can that Japanese Bullet Tr… AAAARRRRGGHH! I’m stuck in metaphor hell!!!!! This movie is about a virgin. The fact that he makes it through 40 years of life “without” is, in our culture, tantamount to finding some aged WWII soldier living in a jungle on Guam still gunnin fer japs. “No way! How’d that happen!?!” The truth is, there are plenty of sex free citizens on earth. But that’s not funny. The 40 Year Old Virgin IS funny! So funny! Now, it is a raunchy film at times. But, if you’re like me and you were raised by a television, you will hardly notice ALL the naughty language and imagery zooming through your head and you will see a charming tale of the benefits (yes, I said benefits) of a sex free life. Further, you will learn the beauty of saving yourself for that one special person. I’m not saying this film extols the virtues of the covenant of marriage as set forth by our Creator, but it gets at that truth through a side door. The cast is near perfect. Judd Apatow and Steve Carell wrote a terrrific film. Steve Carell should be in most movies. He’s insane. Like sex. I did NOT hate it!