Now hear this! Here’s my first Podcast! Big thanks to Jeff Hatfield for the cool poster! You can subscribe in iTunes by clicking this button… Chris Mundell - - SWEET!


  1. my husband is FUN EEE!! Listen up people!

  2. i’m really into the podcast dude. funny yet refreshingly mellow. i could listen at work and it wouldn’t be intrusive (like the audio that ALWAYS loaded on your previous site–I mean, I liked it and I laughed really hard when you first made those 2 years ago, but then after that, I always had to make sure that my computer was muted when i visited Anyway, I’m just saying that was cool and this is cool too–mainly because it’s new, but also because i think it might be cooler if we get a new podcast every week or something. Ok, what would be really cool is if i automatically got a new CM podcast via iTunes. well, viva peace out.


    PS–i think kevin had a lot of the sauce before leaving that voice mail…

  3. kara (burke) schwab UNITED STATES says

    i laughed. i peed. so dang funny. more please.

  4. So that was a nice way to put it…I believe you called me “brave” You could have called me a wanker…or worse…but you chose brave! Imagine that funny and kind…what a guy.
    P.S. I agree with Andy…I await the day when the funny man arrives in my iTunes regularly!

  5. I’ve submitted my podcast to apple. Once they review the content and run the background check and realize that my real name is Hopi and then re-run the background check we should be good to go. Speaking of Rerun, remember What’s Happening? Awesome show.