The Office – WINNERS!!!

WOOOOOHOOO!!! We won!! Watch The Office August 10th to see the magic!
Here is the Official Contest Page on

Check out my entry into the Make Your Own Promo contest for NBC‘s The Office. Starring David Malloy, Andy Shinn, Kevin Grose and me.


  1. that was awesome. nice work.

  2. fannnnntastic!

  3. Does this mean we can look forward to an even larger Chris Mundell head greeting visitors to The current logo is far to small for a man of your talent, and giant jawbone.

  4. Very proud of you Chris.

  5. Congrats!!!, Enjoy the sweet smell of victory while you can. Cuz it’s all going to end come an end once Fantasy Football starts! 🙂

  6. bottom line: what do you get for winning?

  7. Papow! Well done!

  8. Feeling proud to know you! I will say that I spent several hours one day watching the office promos!!! The only other one that made me laugh was the rubber band ball…though I still think yours is the best…biased…Nah! Why should I care so much…after all you kicked me out of your homegroup…if anything I should have been rooting for the other guys…it’s just that good!

  9. Congrats on the win.
    Well, desereved.

    And thanks for the slight of humor on my blog posting, “Hit me,” I can hear the Luuuuuvvv.


  10. Good Job Hopi!!! Way better than that lame video of the shirtless pilot in San Diego.

  11. rob and erin in saint joe, mo UNITED STATES says

    our sweet dial-up only took about a month to download your 20 seconds of glory. congrats from the midwest contingent. i guess that barry manilow voice camp is finally starting to pay dividends.

  12. carolyn d UNITED STATES says

    Clearly NOT a collosal waste of talent and technology.

  13. congrats Chris and gang, great work!!!

  14. Congrats! I was rooting for you guys!

  15. I was going to start questioning the meaning of life if you didn’t win. Thanks for not putting me through that. Hooray!

  16. congrats cm

  17. Ben Ewart UNITED STATES says

    Hey Chris that was good. Why don’t you like singing with that last guy.

    Nathan Ewart

  18. Abby Grant UNITED STATES says

    “I want to watch that one again, it’s my favorite.”

  19. Ahh…filled with pride! Real live national television!!!!!!

  20. hey chris. i watched you tonite on national t.v. with my mom and my wife. i was so proud i almost cried…almost.

  21. dude….that was totally cool. way to go on making a funny video that NBC likes. that puts you right up there with people like David Hasselhoff and stuff….

  22. I thought the plot was thin and the characters could have used more depth. The role of Blossom is woefully miscast and where’s the clever catch phrase? Yikes…. wait a second… wrong blog.

  23. CHRIS! I’m totally psyched for you. I TIVO’d the Aug 10 episode because I was out of town shooting a wedding, and JUST saw it…only to see your mug on NBC at the end. Congrats for your funny clip. (I’m not surprised you placed. Good work. I jumped right to your website for more detais. Anyway, nice to see you get some props.

    Buzz Garwood


  1. […] chris mundell made a short (20 second) movie promo for nbc’s “the office” as part of a promotional contest… the video was one of 3 “grand prize” winners and, as a result, will be aired on prime time nbc! here is the nbc press release and chris’ post anouncing his success… (the video features the lovely faces of kevin grose, david malloy, andy shinn.) […]