Make that 27 seconds of fame. Local news Y’all!

I rocked the local news re: The Office contest.


  1. yikes!! that was funny man…way to work the news.

  2. too good. too good.

  3. i think watching our local newscasters dorky response to your “27 seconds” was pretty priceless.

  4. no that’s what I call news! you got the gift bro…making even dorky newscasters bust up laughing!

  5. 27 seconds X number of comments = approximate quantity of fame. count me in for two comments. it was so good to wath this at 5:57 a.m. before my dad went in to donate his kidney to my sister. way to keep it light. 54 seconds? or do you want to call it 108 seconds since my dad and i both watched it twice?

  6. p.s. I smell an OSCAR!!!

  7. I think my life was changed by watching the video of the news of your video…. does that count?

  8. Ed Melendez UNITED STATES says

    You changed my life man totally brought changes to the change that was about to change me and then it all changed because you changed as the clip played and we all were there changing with you. Well not changing as in clothes and getting naked and all that, you know change. Well to help people like Andy & Gabe understand the theoritical change we all underwent with Chris changing us sort of speak, I felt the dictionary definition would assist them:

    “To cause to be different: change the spelling of a word.
    To give a completely different form or appearance to; transform: changed the yard into a garden.
    To give and receive reciprocally; interchange: change places”

    So Gabe and Andy be the change Mundell wanted you to be..xo

  9. way to go Chris!
    (i can’t go on about how funny you are as my kids are begging me to return to your Mr Incredible photo)

  10. congrats on the feature. that’s hilarious. it certainly is entertaining to see a bunch of newscasters trying to handle a comedy bit.

  11. ch-ch-ch-ch-changin’. that’s me!

  12. I think those nice newscasters got a real kick out of you. 🙂