My Brother

My Brother, born of Earth and Steel
with wounded heart that ne’er did heal.

My Brother, a sister’s truest friend
son of Christ’s namesake and Peaceful King.

My Brother, Love’s own Champion, true.
Father of princesses with eyes of blue.

My Brother, with sticks and drums to keep
the cadence of Creation’s King.

My Brother, who fell to unyielding ills
who runs with joy on Heaven’s hills.

My Brother, treasured by friend and kin.
My Brother, with angels and righteous men.

Link to Matt’s memorial service.


  1. Well done Hopi. Beautiful, timeless, appropriate… and rather LOTR-sounding, i might add 🙂

  2. That’s awesome! And fitting, too. Thanks for sharing the Love.

  3. wow…no words

  4. hopi,
    this is awesome. i can always count on you to express the deepest, most true sentiments in the most artistic way. it made me cry…..again.

  5. i held it together until I visited this page today. Nice work Chris. Any man should be so lucky to have a friend like you to herald his life.

  6. Beautiful

  7. love it chris. you’re a great friend.

  8. great friend indeed. gorgeous words.

  9. Thank You Chris.

  10. Chris, this was beautiful and your words today at the service were such an honoring tribute to Matt’s life and the friendship you shared. Thank you

  11. It was even better live – Thanks Chris.

  12. Jeff Sieck UNITED STATES says:

    Is it lame to just add another “well done” and even an additional (albeit unoriginal ‘thanks’?

  13. well done thanks

  14. Fred Steele UNITED STATES says:

    Krista and I are blessed in knowing that Matt’s life and his friends acknowledge his wonderful qualities, struggle and ultimate victory. The celebration of his life in words so perfectly placed together to evoke the deepest of emotion and connection to earthly reality and heavenly hope brings great comfort and joy.

  15. Fred, thanks for you words. I’m blessed to know these simple words bring you comfort.
    Matt’s life is a huge inspiration to all of us. We’re thankful to you for your son’s life with us.
    Rest assured, we are supporting Stephanie and Syd which is a real honor. Matt chose well with Stephanie. She is a saint.
    We will care for our sister in this harsh season. Sydney is simply energy with legs. She’s like a tornado of funny. I can’t wait to see how she grows up. See ya next time you’re down here.

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