David and Airplanes

Maverick and Goose

I got to go to the Edwards Air Force Base Open House and Airshow with David Malloy! It was great. Many cool airplanes and jets and “NASCAR” families! The best part was going VIP or DV (Distinguished Visitor) as they say in the Air Force. We got to chill in a lovely tent whilst we watched the Thunder Birds or “Thunder Cats” to Abel. He plays “Abel” on TV’s ER. He likes beer. A lot.

Special thanks to Kevin Wandell for being our Designated Driver. Any of us could have driven Abel’s car home, except for Abel. But Kevin stepped up and got us back safe to Burbank without leaving Abel in the desert (which was the group consensus for about 20 minutes). Thanks Kevin!


  1. Chris, I went to that airshow last year (not as a DV though)and saw an actual UFO. I have two witnesses, one a local sheriff’s deputy. Did you see anything that you could not explain (other than parents who absolutely refuse to supervise their children around 38 million dollar aircraft)? Hope you had as good a time as I did.

  2. Yes, Steve. I could not explain what Robert Downey Jr. was doing there. Until I remembered that he was cast to play Marvel Comics Iron Man and Iron Man director Jon Favreau and the rest of the producers were there too. I asked Jon if they are shooting at Edwards and he said “I think so”.
    Not really UFO strange, but Downey’s walk was a little odd.

  3. I heard that Downey is auditioning for a remake of “Minstry of Silly Walks” as part of Cleese’s local Montecito Python at the County Bowl. That might explain it. But probably not.

  4. The only unexplainable phenomonem at most airshows is the incredible BO eminating from old men wearing black nylon jackets (embroidered with their favorite naval vessel) in direct sunlight. I am sure though, since you were a ‘Delta Victor’ you were sheltered from the masses. Thanks for inviting me. We could have spoken acronym.


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