Podcast 7 – VIDEO

You may have heard that I got onto Edwards Air Force Base with a camera and David Malloy!!

Chris Mundell - -


  1. poo and pee village. classic.

  2. laughed so much people started calling the white suits…note to self: don’t watch with headphones on in public place.

    So, where is Robert Downey? I thought you said there was some RDJ action at the show?

  3. Yes, Kendall, there was some RDJ action, however, when you are VIP you are not allowed to behave in such a way that would diminish your VIP status. So, basically, you pretend the famous people are not famous and ignore them. It’s counter intuitive because I really wanted to run up and say “Dude! You were SO funny in Weird Science! Wanna be in my video!?!”

  4. i especially enjoyed the part where you ran around like a human airplane.

  5. good stuff boys. “drink bacardi like it’s your birthday!”