Our Doritos Promos Are Up!!!!

Click these images to view our promos on JumpCut!
It would be extra cool if you click the little heart under the video screen and leave a comment (I think you need to sign up)!

Siesta De Los Nachos
Flavor Therapy

Thanks for your support everybody!
If we make the Final 5 (January 4) we’ll need your vote to get our promo to play during the SUPER BOWL!


  1. Dude, love the new ads. They’re awesome! Really, top notch stuff. I’d be happy to see those on TV.

  2. really great!!!

  3. like i keep telling you…. just don’t forget the little people in your trajectory toward fame & fortune…

  4. Mmmm Doritos…
    Great job. The promos were packed with zesty flavor…loved ’em. Gotta go to the store now…must have Doritos.

  5. you’ve got my vote!!! proud to know you funny, funny man!

  6. The second one is awesome…I laughed out loud at Dave’s pants around his ankles.

    I could see that one during the SB.

    Give yourself $20.

  7. Well done yous!

  8. on a side note…you actually made me crave doritos at 10:00 in the morning!

  9. Uh, you ARE the funniest human alive! I love the tie. Where’d you get it? I know you don’t OWN a tie.

  10. Chris,
    The doritos company could not have done a better job! Ya’ll ROCK!

  11. cool breeze says

    Why no love for the Cool Ranch line?

  12. gosh, i wish I had your kind of time on my hands….:) Love both of the vids….

  13. freakin’ awesome.

  14. I haven’t had a TV in my house for over 4 years. If you keep making these great commercials, that will change.

  15. 2 for 2. job well done. look out world.

  16. Suhweety! Those are awesome.


  1. […] Happy 2007.  It appears that the Doritos folks didn’t see the magic in our 2 promos.  David Malloy and I have licked our nacho cheesy wounds and are still in the game.  The BIG game, not this Doritos game.  We lost this one. For to bookmark:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]