Merry Christmas!

Everyone at (like Rob Broadus and Kevin Grose here) would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!
Thanks to Andy White for the lovely music.


  1. I’m speechless…wow.

  2. I’m with mr. hess … wow indeed … maybe even double wow. That kind of talent can NOT be taught.

  3. “Thanks for Andy White for the lovely music.” “.”

  4. “Thanks to Andy White for the lovely music.” “.”

  5. nice job on the video fellas.

    to/for gabe: you’re welcome. 🙂

  6. is it “paddle your stomach-mass week” at your office or just that slow?

  7. Kendall – That is a good question. What can I say? Rob is my muse right now. He is gifted in ways I am not finished discovering. Let’s enjoy the ride!

  8. Sort of makes me think of the person on tv called the “snappist”. One never knows what kind of awe inspiring talent that is generated just using the bare bones of music with no man made instruments, amazing. Charlotte AKA Grandma Shudu

  9. Ed Melendez UNITED STATES says

    Hmm so I have been wondering CM when do you “Fellas” work? or has the IT stuff taken a back-seat to bulgeous or ample usage of stomach inspired percussion, I mean it works and the talent pool that has been discovering is awe inspiring, though I would love to see the average sized brothers involved in it as well;lets say “contrast” someone like Andy White with Kevin, the CM staff, or yourself, he could also write more music for you and then also act in it, he could be a drum stick in the fleshy-drumlines for example! or we could use those whose height inspires as well: Dane “The Dwayne” Fishbaugh comes to mind. Or going way back in Mothership time, having a “moment”at the start of each short musical film you do for reflection comedic or otherwise or a musical critique of your work using the “Former Moral Charlatan of The Mothership”(To quote Tad “Little Red Wagner” Wagner)yes, you guessed it Scott “Douglas” Douglas…word! Nice work btw CM!!!