Watch 24 for the Commercial


  1. booooo!!!!!!which one won?

  2. Clearly a poor choice on their part. Stay the course.

  3. So sorry. We loved yours! We watched but never saw it – guess because it wasn’t the LA station. Good luck with the next one!

  4. That makes the Lame List.

  5. weak sauce.

  6. Ed Melendez UNITED STATES says

    Keep on trucking CM!!! at least that’s what Andy “The White-YT” White & Gabe “Im with YT” Friley always tell me, it seems to work wonders with every tough break…hmmm???…wait! I forgot something, yeah they preface the aforementioned saying with “Here Ed, have three shots of Whiskey” then they tell me “keep on Trucking” with a collective thumbs up sign! so I guess get some whiskey from those bros and good luck next time, I cast my lot with Chris M & his fun-filled lot of mates any day!