Your Pizza VP?

Pizza Hut is running a contest on YouTube to find the Honorary VP of Pizza. Could it be me?

Stay tuned to see if I make the finals.


  1. hilarious. you better win this one.

  2. karen and i thought it was brilliant. very cool with the reference video in a video.

  3. Oh Chris….awesome work! I love your skillset!

  4. I can’t wait to sing that song at church.

  5. oh oh, if you win, and get the “company car for your 3 month victory tour” I am SO gonna be your navigator…so you can eat pizza while driving…:)

  6. fantastic. absolutely fantastic.

  7. i love it! i’ve voted from all the computers that i can get my hands on and i’ve emailed all my friends asking them to vote for you. i’m looking forward to a playgroup pizza party ;0)