Outlaw Song, not the Bon Jovi one.

I’m in a songwriting group with Matt Knoles, Andy White and Dan Hislop.  I challenged the group to write an outlaw song.  We ended up with some pretty good tunes.  Below, you can play or download my song, “Brave When I Went”.  Try not to cry on your keyboard.


  1. there’s a new johnny cash in town!!! This is a great song. way to run from the law!

  2. Awww, thanks, Angela. I don’t think I done enough livin’ to be as good as Cash. Thanks for the love!

  3. Nice! Very Steve Earle-esque. get a pickin rhythm going, capoed around 4th fret…and then add a history of drug abuse, time in jail, and bitter rants against republicans and you are the next Steve Earle.

    Makes me want to start a song-writing crew here…:)

  4. Ed Melendez UNITED STATES says

    Wow-I must admit the Mundell-Hislop-White-Knoles team/gang/boy-band/folktopia-experience brought some intial thoughts to mind, first you are a:

    A Quadruple: which is a term from mathematics, depicting an n-tuple with n being 4. This means it depicts four elements, with the order of the elements carrying meaning. This differs from a set, where the order of the elements is meaningless and where no element could exist more than once

    I guess you are indeed all an element which works out if I may be outlawish here:

    Chris-Funny man element
    Andy-MOFO element
    Hislop-Faith Based element
    Knoles-Good look-charm element

    I guess ya’ll are outlaws after all! Pistolas por Dios!!!

  5. part of why I love cm.com is Ed Melendez!!!! funny people abound around these parts

  6. Yes, Ed does take this site another level.

  7. Dr. Ed–thanks for the musing. i’d like to see our boy band in a Honda Element.

    Krazy Kendall–i did spot Mundell’s capo residing upon the 4th fret during this bandit ballad.

    CM–I like this song way more than any of Bon Jovi’s “songs”. I always hoped they’d find dead when he sang that stupide dead or alove song. Yes, although I am a “Pistola por Dios”, I like your “Brave Bandit” tune even more than livin’ on a prayer or Madonna’s like a prayer. call me a heretic.

    Angela–you are part of the funny stuff here at CM too. It’s so cool how Chris sends us checks for our comments.

  8. McDaniels UNITED STATES says


    You are corrupting the youth, and I heartily ask you to continue. I caught Dylan red-handed viewing cm.com and chortling–yes, actual chortles were heard. But the boy done been sprayed with the anti-chortle, and he’s off to read a good book. This song is ridiculously good CM, and particularly so given the challenge of the subject-matter. Quit the day job and get on with the real deal (sorry Jade). For all you youngins: for outlaw-song-gestalt I recommend the seriously underrated Pat Garret and Billy the Kid Soundtrack by, oh say, Bob Dylan. In addition to the seminal Knocking on Heaven’s Door, there’s a cornucoppia of outlawish revivalism on there. None other than Tom Brosseau has mightily covered said material.

    Happy Easter all.