Chip Crumbs On Memory Lane

Man, I wish we had this Pizza Hut level of love during that Doritos contest. I still get a kick out of these 2 that David Malloy and I did.

Siesta De Los NachosFlavor Therapy

I wonder if we could get Jeff Hatfield to Photoshop the bags to say Tostitos or Bag-O-Prunes? Good times!


  1. voice over-dub…”prune me”????not quite the same comic genius…or maybe moreso…

  2. Chris,

    I’m a friend of Scott Anderson. He told me about you and your website. Man, I love your stuff!!! I hope you’re crowned Pizza VP here soon. Your Doritos videos should be played during the Superbowl. Thanks for the genius humor.

    Tom Regan

  3. Chris, these videos suck, I think that’s why you lost. You know what else sucks, the fact that Mookie told Dreamz he has the immunitity idol on Suvivor: Fiji and now Dreamz, who promised the secret was safe, is now telling everyone else. Sorry for being so harsh to everyone today (Chris, Mookie) but I just think that this is the season for honesty (turn, turn, turn) so let’s plain just keep it real.

    Oh, all that, and I accidentally voted for PizzaTron.

    Sigh, it’s been a bad day…

  4. I really gotta wonder now as friday nears it’s end, how anybody votes for Pizza Tron….it truly is wasted vote for all parties…

  5. dang pizza tron and crew really rocked the vote!
    with this morning’s tallies i think it’s time for jeff to dub in the word “taffy’s” every time you say “pizza hut” in your video.