1. Congrats!!!!!
    I always knew you were a winner!

  2. Chris, you always told me that you were the master of all you survey. I just assumed that “winner” was pretty much a forgone conclusion from that. Nice to have validation, though. Way to go!!
    And please don’t wait another month to give me something to vote for. I need the practice for the upcoming (in 18 months) presidential election. Geez, why in the *#&!! are they starting so early with that?!

  3. So many contests….and you’ve finally got a victory! Way to go! Glam rock here we come….

    Flippin’ Rad! What do chimps know anyway…

  4. I harken back to the ‘Quantum Leap’ program for Winter Woodleaf back in the day. I knew then that you were destined for . . . . . radio! Congrats Moon!

  5. Champagne all around. Congratulations!!

  6. just awesome. now you can play those licks you used in the track!

  7. Too Cool Chris!!! Way to go.

  8. the was so cute…do it again.

  9. congrats CM! that’s so great.

  10. why learn to play? you got 1st place without playing. i’m switching to loops from now on! Well, I guess if you really wanna learn….I know a guy.

    seriously, I’m glad you won. well deserved.

  11. Congratulations Chris. That was truly a good little song. Thanks for the nice things you’ve said about my blog also.


  12. I hurt my neck from getting into it.Thanks.

  13. Nicely done, senor.

  14. indeed congrats…forget whatever my husband was saying up there…you DEFINITELY want lessons…how else are you gonna learn how to play that punk riff LIVE at next year’s Melody Challenge Kick Off Bash at Soho’s…open mic night…I can see it now…

  15. Awesome! Congratulations! That’s quite the jingle. Now I think I’m going to be having “Time for the early” running through my head all day.

  16. Kim Mitchell UNITED STATES says

    Hey Chris, Congrats on all your winnings lately, its been fun hearing you and hearing about you on the radio. We (Ivy and I) listen to KTYD every morning, its my alarm setting. Glad to see your humor is still in tact! Thanks for continuing to make me laugh ;-()

  17. KIM!!
    Welcome to the experiment.
    Always happy to make you and Ivy laugh.
    You should check out Diaper Rash Medicine here .
    She’s a bit old to benefit from the wisdom of the lyrics, but it’s fun to sing.


  1. […] a large number of unsolicited emails to all his friends and friends of friends of friends, chris mundell pulled off a win! here is a slideshow of chris picking up the guitar that he won on KTYD’s Early Show Jingle […]