Church Merger Kit

My church is merging with another church. I was asked to make an informational video. We told everyone we found this service on the interweb that made slick DVD presentations…


  1. brilliant hopi

  2. holy colossians that’s funny!

  3. You are so freaking funny. All time … makes me want to commute and join the merger.

  4. whew! glad you’re back…I was afraid you moved to Nashville! Chris…I don’t know where your twisted little mind comes up with this stuff…but I need you to keep doing it…I haven’t laughed so hard in months! How did you get one side of your face to do something completely different from the other side???

  5. Oh this is just so funny… brilliant Mundell. I did not know logs were made of tree.

  6. Thanks friends!
    Kendall, logs ARE made of tree.

  7. Any church that shows that back to back Sundays is exactly the kind of place I want raising up my children.

  8. Chris, I haven’t heard people laugh that hard in church since I played a piano solo in a service as a kid, and when the paster asked the name of the song I said, “Church is Finally Over” (a semi-popular “contemporary” song in the 60’s)!

  9. genius. keep making videos.

  10. Adam Duchin says

    Brilliant Chris! I’ll show this to many Pastor friends… maybe we can all continue to merge many churches together across the country and have the biggest church in the world… or maybe they can just have a good laugh!

  11. this is right up your alley: