Baby Rory

I only took me a bit over 4 years, but here’s a little video of the dramatic day Rory was born. Stuck shoulders and all!

[flv:rory.flv 500 365]


  1. outstanding!
    and does Jade know how much you just posted her to the internets in the raw

  2. Job well done, Jade! No matter, birth is so dramatic and unbelievable and miraculous. Rory looks like she had it all covered. An old soul there. Thanks for sharing the video! Makes me want to have another one, which is saying something when I remember the pain of going natural.

  3. Knarf the Dove says

    WOW! Sometimes I realize that you are much less private than me. Boy howdy! However, I’m glad to remember such a precious occasion. It was also great to see Malia with the binky that has become Rory’s trademark. And to think it all started with a little sock in the crotch…pure poetry.

  4. Cool Breeze says

    Nice victory lap Chris!