It Might Get Loud


I had a sweet gig on Sunday night. Before I tell you about it, let me introduce the other players in my group.

On lead: Matt Knoles

On rhythm/lead (electric): Tom Hilzer

On rhythm (acoustic): Scott Anderson

On Bass: Brad McCarter

Band Manager: Tad Clark

Producer: Scott Shiffman


We saw Davis Guggenheim‘s IT MIGHT GET LOUD!! I’m not sure about the convenience of this truth, but the truth is, this film is cool! I was gonna write that this film rocked, but that was way too obvious. So instead I chose to go with the-so-much-more-creative “cool”. Oooo! Did you see what I did there? Guggenheim directed An Inconvenient Truth so I said the thing about the convenience and then I said “cool” and that movie was about Global Warming!! Booya!

I’m not a strong writer. I’m also not a strong guitar player and tonight proves it. Oh man! What a line up! We got to witness Jack White, The Edge and freaking Jimmy Page!! Each player bringing their own unique style and sound, each story inspiring . I found myself wanting to practice guitar WAY more. Tom said he was ready to get rid of all his guitars. See? Inspiring! Unlike this write up… I’m done! I DID NOT HATE IT!!

PS – The Ticket Stubs have decided to disband due to artistic differences. And Brad’s drug habit. And Matt is a show-off. And Tom and Scott Anderson fight constantly. And Scott Shiffman is working with the Jonas Bros. And Tad stole our money.


  1. Wow. Quick turn around on the review. I was inspired too.

  2. Breaking news: Ticket Stubs announce reconciliation gig. Film at eleven.

  3. Do Edge and LL Cool J get their beanies at the same place?

  4. I saw it. Meh. Kinda hard to get past Jack White trying so desperately to be cool throughout the entire movie. That must be ultra-mega exhausting.

    Jimmy Page, however, is a pimp. Every other shot was someone driving him through the English countryside. Pimp.

    Poor Edge. Lost amongst two blues dudes.

    I saw this with a bunch of music chumps too…fun, but not as inspiring as I’d hoped.