I just watched Avatar win the Golden Globe for best Drama of 2009. Was it the best story told on film last year? No. But, which movie did I see twice? Avatar. It’s simply incredible to behold. Don’t worry, I’m not suffering from that post Avatar depression. I like my real life better. Avatar is what they call a game changer. Like the first talkies and Star Wars, etc.

When a movie makes a billion dollars there are bound to be detractors and naysayers and the like. Here’s my response to the people that say Avatar is basically Pocahontas in 3D: I would have seen this film twice if it was actually called  Pocahontas 3D!

I’m not naive. I know the story has been told before. I know it’s like Dances with Wolves. I know the Nav’i look like a blue Rocky Dennis, but you know what? Every story has been told before. The trick is to tell the story in a new and interesting way. James Cameron did that with Avatar. And Rocky Dennis was a person with feelings. So shut up, get your $13 out, put your 3D glasses on and enjoy these 10ft tall Methemoglobinemiacs!

I did NOT hate Avatar!



  1. 13 bucks for a movie? No wonder it made 13 billion. What was that in 70’s money when Star Wars first came out? W/E Cameron, I still don’t forgive you for Titanic.

  2. I am a friend of Lawlers and got connected to your site through his. Dude, Chris…..you are so funny and creative both in writing and the graphic arts you do. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate watching your site and your creativity-very entertaining! I absolutely love the PRK stuff!

  3. Thanks Sean! Wow! I think you will be my new best friend for a while. It’s encouraging to know there is someone else out there enjoying the site besides my family and the guy who is creepily plotting my eventual, horrific and sensational demise. Let me know if you need me to Photoshop one of your hearing aids onto a photo of Oprah. CHA-CHING!!