Broadus Sighting!

Look who showed up at my office to do a little work with me!

Worship Music

So I would stand in church years ago and roll my eyes at some of the goofy songs we’d sing. I figured if I was going to complain about it I should also see if I could write anything. It turns out it’s hard to write music that gets people to a place where they are able to focus on and feel God’s goodness. After a while of writing songs and getting some positive feedback, I decided to record some. It’s taken years, but it’s been rewarding.

It took a lot more than me to get my songs recorded so I decided to call us Evensong Project. Evensong is an evening (sometimes musical) service in the Anglican Tradition. It seems fitting somehow with my music. It doesn’t feel like morning music to me. Anyway, stay tuned. I should have some more official news about Evensong Project in the next month or two!

Update: You can now listen and purchase Evensong Project here!

Computer People Episode 2

Feel The Awesomeness

I wish I possessed an iota of this man’s confidence. Thanks for the link Geordie Speake!


Never Say Never

When I was a kid, I had a Shaun Cassidy t-shirt. He was my favorite on the Hardy Boys and he also sang Da Do Run Run. There is now a feverish clamoring in the world that giggles at Shaun Cassidy fever and even rivals Beatle-mania. Nay, it’s is more fevorish. How many more fevorish? I don’t know, 8 more fevorish? The clamoring for Justin Bieber is 8 more fevorish that the clamoring for the Beatles. Can I prove that? No. Am I a scientist? No. I don’t have time for experiments. I can barely update this website!

This kid came out of nowhere (Canada) and is this HUGE entertainment force as if ushered forth from Isengard, no longer fearing the light of day. He is the Uruk-Hai of the music biz. Speaking of being ushered, the singer, Usher, played a role in getting Justin’s career going. I know, who cares? It’s teeny bopper music. The thing is, there are a bajillion crazed Beiber fans out there and I have 2 of them in my house. Having daughters means you have to at least be aware of this stuff and, if you’re not the “total meanest dad EVER”, actually take them to concert films and stuff. And so it was that I braved the rain, packed the kids in the mini-van & prepared to roll my eyes for 2 hours.

Here’s the hard part, it was actually a well made documentary about this kid and this phenomenon. I teared up, I laughed & marveled at the story and Justin Bieber’s talent. Actual talent.

I do have a few issues with this film. It needed to be 3D like I need another saggy man-boob. NOT. NEEDED (Especially in 3D!). I know studios be wantin’ it to get butts in theaters, but come on! Also, after a while, the sheer masses of screening girls got to be too much. I don’t know how Justin deals with it. Ear plugs? Beer plugs?

Though my youngest daughter, Rory, was ready to go home about 10 minutes into the film, I did NOT hate it and the other 2 kids didn’t hate it either.

It could be worse, folks. My kids could be into Lady Gaga. She’s more the Gollum of the music biz.


My wife, Jade, planned a little Chinese New Year party. She asked me to come up with some fortunes for her cookie order…