Promo for The Colbert Report. I got the bug

I love Comedy Central‘s The Colbert Report! Here’s a little promo I made with Will and Malia…

Make that 27 seconds of fame. Local news Y’all!

I rocked the local news re: The Office contest.

The Office – WINNERS!!!

WOOOOOHOOO!!! We won!! Watch The Office August 10th to see the magic!
Here is the Official Contest Page on

Check out my entry into the Make Your Own Promo contest for NBC‘s The Office. Starring David Malloy, Andy Shinn, Kevin Grose and me. Podcast 6 – VIDEO!

I’ve gone Metro! Check it out!
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Well, I didn’t win but at least you can check out my video plea to be Sony Pictures Blogger at Comic-Con this year.

OK, fine. Click here to see the winner. His was my favorite. I must point out that his entry violated the rules in that Eye Of The Tiger is copywritten material. But I’m not bitter:(

2 Weeks

Never Vacation Again…