Merry Christmas

Hi Friends

I wrote a new song for Christmas time. I hope you like it.

Had a great time recording it live with friends.

You can play it below or download the m4a file here.


Chris Mundell: Vocals

Andy White: Acoustic Guitar

Tad Wagner: Banjo

Kathleen Sieck: Violin

Angela White: Hammer Dulcimer, Background Vocals

Matt Knoles: Mixing, Background Vocals

Brad McCarter: Bass

Scott Douglas: Drums

Worship Music

So I would stand in church years ago and roll my eyes at some of the goofy songs we’d sing. I figured if I was going to complain about it I should also see if I could write anything. It turns out it’s hard to write music that gets people to a place where they are able to focus on and feel God’s goodness. After a while of writing songs and getting some positive feedback, I decided to record some. It’s taken years, but it’s been rewarding.

It took a lot more than me to get my songs recorded so I decided to call us Evensong Project. Evensong is an evening (sometimes musical) service in the Anglican Tradition. It seems fitting somehow with my music. It doesn’t feel like morning music to me. Anyway, stay tuned. I should have some more official news about Evensong Project in the next month or two!

Update: You can now listen and purchase Evensong Project here!

Music Lesson #1

Today, we learn from Music Professor, David Malloy, about a song that is near and dear to all our hearts.

Music Lesson #1

Sing a Song of Praise… about me

Check out this sweet tune by David Malloy about how awesome I am!  Andy White threw down the music too!

I know how hard it is to keep coming up with new ways to describe the great things about me.  But, I think you can do it!

Come on!  Let’s see what you got.   I challenge you all.  I’ll pick my favorite song, poem, poster, logo or whatever that celebrates ME!  Winner gets a T-Shirt.  Maybe even a T-Shirt!

Outlaw Song, not the Bon Jovi one.

I’m in a songwriting group with Matt Knoles, Andy White and Dan Hislop.  I challenged the group to write an outlaw song.  We ended up with some pretty good tunes.  Below, you can play or download my song, “Brave When I Went”.  Try not to cry on your keyboard.

Hip Hop Becomes Him

Here’s an excerpt from my unfinished Hip Hopera, “That Shorty at the Food Court Straight Ganked My Heart, Yo!”

93 Million Miles
by Chris Mundell

There are 93 million miles to the sun but I don’t have a car so I can’t drive 1
Was a time a pair of dimes I could call you I guess I’ll never know cuz I don’t have 2
If I had gold fronts would you see me? does me plus you plus love make 3?
Does she like a man rough and hard core or one that knows love, who and what for?
I think I need her just to survive. like Sacha Baron-Cohen needs a “Hi 5!”
I would live with her way out in the sticks or in the big city, 34th and 6th
Frequent flier miles up in Heaven What’s this ten gonna see in this 7?
Call a scientist cuz she radiates! Got so much to appreciate.
Take a truck of luck to make her mine Her like me, that’s asinine.
She just smiled at me just there, right then The rest of my words are forgotten.