Podcast 4!

Happy 4th of July everybody!
Chris Mundell - - Podcast 3

Matt the Aussie Fan
World Cup edition with a report from Wojo featuring Matt the Aussie Fan and a cute chat w/ my kids!
Chris Mundell - - Podcast 2

This time we try to help a caller to the hotline!
Chris Mundell - - PODCAST!!! ***UPDATED***

Now hear this! Here’s my first Podcast! Big thanks to Jeff Hatfield for the cool poster! You can subscribe in iTunes by clicking this button… Chris Mundell - - SWEET!

Diaper Rash Medicine

A song by me and Will.

Under the Fountain

The first worship song I recorded. Produced by the talented Tad Wagner!

You can buy a version mastered by Bruce Winter on the International Justice Mission benefit album “We Have A Hope” on iTunes.