Why Grace

Good question. This worship tune was produced by Andy White! He does it all, people!

You can buy a version mastered by Bruce Winter on the International Justice Mission benefit album “We Have A Hope” on iTunes.

The Yoga Song

My wife, Jade, had this goofy yoga video. The instructor was so full of wisdom that I had to bottle it up for you, my friends. Namaste!

Movie Trailer

More late night production genius from David Malloy, Andy Shinn and I (me).

Taco Bells and Soda

When my nephew, Jacob, was 2 years old he had a few favorite things.

  1. Taco Bell (where I would get a soda)
  2. His mommy (my sister, Jesse Beason)
  3. His Aunt Jade (my cute wife)
  4. And, finally, the microphone

Lucky for us, it was recorded.

The Bacon Song

All I can say is when David Malloy and I stay up late, things happen. Bacony things.

Le Grose

Kevin Grose sounds like he knows French. French hip hop, le beeochies!